Chantel Fox

We love the swimming classes you provide for children with ASN needs. 
Oliver attends who is 11 we have tried many forms of swimming lessons over the years and classes are always too big and busy for oliver to manage. He has only been attending these classes for 5 weeks and the confidence in him is amazing. 5 weeks ago Oliver wouldn’t go out of his depth, and wouldn’t lay on his back or put his face under 5 weeks on and oliver is swimming to the deep end, jumping in at the deep end, not clinging on to the edge, putting his face under and laying on his back.
I also have Lee who is 5 he originally started in the main classes but was struggling to cope and got very anxious. Helima kindly said he could join me and oliver in the pool and this has brought on his confidence so much. One week they don’t life saving skills so they would know what to do in water and he took to this amazingly. We also had tried many different lessons with lee and nothing suited him. His behaviour is complex and he has no sense of danger at all so would always put himself in dangerous situations. I’m so pleased with how far he has come in just 3 weeks of the Asn lessons. He has learnt to float his swimming strokes are much better. Learning right ways to jump. 
We live the whole week for the half hour on a Thursday. The boys confidence is growing weekly and this is all thanks to Helima and her lessons. She has a way with the children and they really engage with her. 

Thank you so much 

Morgan Gray

Can’t fault these classes or instructors, great place to go to help include fitness into your weekly routine. Classes are fun and great laughs, I suffer from anxiety in this kind of environment/gym helima has helped me each class to come out my comfort zone and feel as ease. With each class I attend I feel more at ease every time the support is great

Anne Dickson

Helima is a brilliant motivator, classes are a mix of ages and everyone speaks to everyone, talk to each other about anything and support is always there,, it’s like a social club with exercise

Jennifer Louise Young

My son has been going to the swimming lessons and after only 4-5 lessons he has found the confidence to let go of holding onto me and swim alone! Would definitely recommend the swimming lessons. Helima is brilliant with the kids and really helped my son.